Martin van Zomeren

Cornelius Quabeck

29 Nov 2008 - 10 Jan 2009

© Cornelius Quabeck
installation view, Martin van Zomeren
“Work out!”

29 Nov 2008 - 10 Jan

My new paintings are about balance. This balance could be described by two small canvases in the show. One has the words ‘Work out!’ painted in a speech bubble, the other painting says ‘Freak out!’ Sometimes when working in the studio my ideas will evolve into the work that I planned. Other times I find myself standing in front of a painting that seems to appear out of nowhere and doesn’t relate much to my original concept. Am I changing or is my work changing? I’m not the person to answer the question but I know that “change“ is an crucial process both in Art and Life.
As an artist I would call it ‘Studio Darwinism’.
To work successfully I will have to decide which work is good, interesting, important, breathtaking, heartbreaking, outstanding. Later on when I’m about to show my results I agree to share my ideas, my decisions and my judgement.
There is a group of small paintings facing a wall of mayor new works on the other wall. Some motifs appear in both the small and the bigger works but they have been treated differently. The small works are more spontaneous.
The bigger canvas have been stitched onto linen. These works have been planned well ahead. Spontaneous vs. Planned! How is this for ‘Balance’?
I think of the various words describing the moment when an artist shows his artwork to the public for the first time: Vernissage, Opening, Private View, Reception! Many words describing the opportunity of a first view. “Is this gonna work out or will it freak me out?“ God knows...

Cornelius Quabeck 2008


Martin van Zomeren is pleased to present new works by Cornelius Quabeck (b.1974, Germany). Quabeck has exhibited widely in Europe and the USA. Recent solo presentations include ‘Critical Mess’, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, ‘Capital C’, Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin (2008), ‘Hellfire Club’, Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne and ‘Disegno’, Stephen Friedman Gallery, London (2006).
‘Work Out!’ is the artist’s third solo presentation at Martin van Zomeren.

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