Martin van Zomeren

Matt Bryans and Wojciech Bąkowski

21 Jan - 03 Mar 2012

21 January – 3 March 3, 2012

Martin van Zomeren is pleased to present a duo-show by . The exhibition includes new work by Matt Bryans and the film Spoken Movie 5 by Bakowski.

Matt Bryans uses as ‘found’ material common newspaper images that he strenuously erases to create a mysterious but highly refined world. Pieces are placed together creating a substantial density. The gallery presents new landscape panoramas where their large formats do not limit their intimacy.

Bryans has exhibited among others at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing), MOCA (Los Angeles), Tate Modern (London) and at the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Besançon).

Wojciech Bąkowski is a polish artist, poet and musician. Wojciech’s reality is tangible, concrete, and first of all audible.
Spoken Movie 5 is based on domestic neurosis: the narrator guides us through his closed room, describing his everyday objects. The poetic narration of the film is closely combined with the image, and the two elements are in fact inseparable.
The understanding of the text without the image is hermetic, since the imagination inherent to the film can only reveal its abstract sense through the combination with the image.

Wojciech exhibited among others at the New Museum (New York), Casino (Luxembourg), Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw) and at the Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts (Norwich). His work is presented for the first time in the Netherlands.

Tags: Wojciech Bakowski, Matt Bryans