Martin van Zomeren

Oscar Abraham Pabón

28 Jun - 30 Aug 2014

28 June - 30 August 2014

Martin van Zomeren is pleased to present 'XYZ', the first solo exhibition of Oscar Abraham Pabón in the Netherlands.

Oscar Abraham Pabón (b. 1984, Venezuela) is currently completing the Rijksakademie's residence program. He is interested in how the modernist discourse has been assimilated and adapted into the context of local traditions.
Using persian carpets as the basis for modern aesthetic, he shows that the traditional way of making carpets has the same implications and forms of making modern sculptures. In 'Sculptural Tradition I' a modernist metal sculpture and an ornamental carpet coexist and become as one. In 'Sculptural Tradition II' the artist sections a carpet and opens it covering the all length of the gallery floor.

In the work 'Carpet Corner' the carpet becomes a gesture in the space. Oscar places an ornamental carpet at the right corner of the gallery highlighting the meeting point of three planes on a surface. Width, length, depth are the key elements to understand what surrounds us. They are the origin of the space and of its representational problem. For the artist the corner is the permanent sculpture that shapes the space around us: it is the permanent and invisible sculpture of all museums and galleries.