Martin van Zomeren

Stephan Gripp

14 Apr - 20 Jun 2007

© Stephan Gripp
Banana Square, 2007
"Fountain of filth"

Stephan Gripps installations and sculptures quote the interior settings of public and private spaces and reveal the thin line between perfection and failure, normality and delusion, habit and alienation.
Alluding to the furniture of a youth club, a smoking area of a public
department or a rest room, the objects nevertheless don’t seem to fit by means of perfection or useful design. A closer look reveals inaccurate and inappropriate construction. Strange design elements become obvious. Cheap materials like chip boards, iron chains or coloured neons cross with the elaborate, cool style of modern architecture. They obviously represent the vulgar versions of those interior settings we know from shopping malls, offices or airports. We hardly recognize these "junk spaces", (R. Koolhaas),
but they are the set designs of our daily life.