Greene Naftali

Genesis I'm Sorry

21 Jun - 10 Aug 2007

© Nancy Garcia
No Keys, 2007
Performance view

Kai Althoff & Lutz Braun, Julie Becker, Patterson Beckwith, Merlin Carpenter & Melanie Gilligan, Guy de Cointet, Nancy Garcia, Oliver Husain, Michael Krebber, Richard Maxwell, No Neck Blues Band, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Seth Shapiro, Gedi Sibony, Jack Smith, Josh Smith

Greene Naftali Gallery will present a group exhibition which theatrically stages and re-stages itself over the course of its run. Beginning with a three-day premiere of a new dance work by Nancy Garcia, the show will then begin to install itself on June 25th (with a large stage by Kai Althoff and Lutz Braun) and will change week by week. The artists in the exhibition each uniquely employ artistic strategies, like staging devices, to evoke the complex natures of their respective practices. Along with many contemporary artists, Genesis I’m Sorry will include historical works by seminal artists Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Guy de Cointet, and Jack Smith. In addition, the show will feature artists who work primarily in mediums other than visual art, whether music (No Neck Blues Band, Nancy Garcia), film (Oliver Husain), theater (Richard Maxwell), or fashion (Seth Shapiro).

Tags: Kai Althoff, Julie Becker, Patterson Beckwith, Lutz Braun, Merlin Carpenter, Guy de Cointet, Melanie Gilligan, Oliver Husain, Michael Krebber, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Gedi Sibony, Josh Smith