Green on Red

Group Exhibition

15 Apr - 01 May 2010

© Mark Joyce
The Deeps 1
Ink on Hahnemühle paper 25 x 19cm

15 Apr - 01 May 2010

Corban Walker, Bridget Riley, John Graham, Mark Joyce, Niamh O'Malley, Dennis McNulty, Niamh McCann, Gerard Byrne

Green On Red Gallery presents a group exhibition of new and recent drawings from gallery artists, Corban Walker, Bridget Riley, John Graham, Mark Joyce, Niamh O'Malley, Dennis McNulty and Niamh McCann. And also a photograph by Gerard Byrne from the A Country Road, Tree, Evening, series.

The Bridget Riley drawing Line Drawing from 21 Jan '09, is an airy study for one of her first wall paintings, an example of which was seen in the recent Timothy Taylor exhibition in London and her exhibition at Le Musee d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris. Niamh McCann's new drawing is exhibited here in conjunction with her forthcoming exhibition as part of The Golden Bough series at The Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, which opens from 30 April until 18 July 2010.

Dennis McNulty exhibits two drawings from the house of the future by Peter and Alison Smithson from the Daily Mail's Ideal Homes exhibition in 1958. John Graham exhibits two recent prints that extend his interest in line and form. Mark Joyce's new works from The Deeps series continues with his exploration into the critical issues of colour in optics and music.

Niamh O'Malley exhibits two drawings from the Blind Spot series. This series of drawings reflects her continuing exploration with illusion and the division between the real and the unreal. The landscape drawings are both familiar and fantastical with the inclusion of eclipses of colour that lead the viewer's eye.

Gerard Byrne's photographic series A Country Road, a Tree, Evening, is a project based on Samuel Beckett's setting for Waiting for Godot. Byrne has researched the rural spaces familiar to Beckett in his life before Waiting for Godot, and used these places as the settings for this photographic series.

Tags: Gerard Byrne, John Graham, Mark Joyce, Niamh Mccann, Bridget Riley, Al Taylor