Green on Red

Minimal Guilt

06 Sep - 06 Oct 2007

© Patrick Hall
Entering The Cloud (2007)
Ink, watercolour and pastel on paper 13 x 14cm

Paul Doran, Fergus Feehily, Patrick Hall, Knut Henrik Henriksen, Mark Joyce, Nigel Rolfe, Corban Walker

06 Sep - 06 Oct 2007

The title Minimal Guilt touches on a common tendency discernible in the work of this otherwise diverse group of artists. While there is a common reductive approach in their working method there the similarity ends. The radical simplicity of means that joins this group is born of different purposes.
When Santiago Sierra claims that he is “a Minimalist with a guilt complex” he is only partly explaining his motivation. He links himself to the original uncompromising philosophy but also opens up feelings of doubt and vulnerability. Minimal Guilt takes this raw nerve as its starting point.
On the surface, the new paintings of Mark Joyce owe mostly to the earlier movement. Colour is not descriptive but is used as a thing in itself. Monochrome blocks of colour resonate and stimulate the eye to find constantly shifting relationships and harmonies. These relationships are only discernible to the receptive eye operating in the same environmental conditions there and then in the presence of the work. Joyce returns from a recent residency in the Joseph Albers Foundation, USA.
Knut Henrik Henriksen exhibits for the first time in Ireland. The artist achieves dramatic results from fairly minimal means or interventions. His dropped ceilings are, at first, not immediately apparent, his Nervous Sculptures, made like his wall reliefs from low grade wallpaper and styrofoam materials, can barely stand. Their fragile nature unsettles and disarms while others recall the monumental sculptural works of Constantine Brancusi, albeit with a more domestic twist.
Fergus Feehily exhibits a slightly older painting entitled Eight (2003) and Sleeper (2007). The latter work, like Hemrisen’s, challenges the very term 'sculpture'. This readymade black square is ‘assisted’ by a small, quirky extension that underlines the tentative, ‘nervous’ nature of both works. Feehily has this year had solo shows at Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne and The Return, Goethe Institute, Dublin. He is currently showing in (I’m Always Touched) By Your Presence, Dear – New Acquisitions, IMMA and The Show’s So Nice, Monya Rowe Gallery, New York.
Corban Walker exhibits two new large unique works on paper using digital means to achieve dizzying, even hypnotic effect. Computer software is pushed to its limit to make highly detailed and intricate ‘corruptions’. Solo shows in 2007 include Pace Wildenstein Gallery, New York and Green on Red Gallery, Dublin (November/December, 2008) all exhibit new works.

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