Gregor Podnar

Maja Hodošcek

28 Oct - 19 Nov 2010

© Maja Hodošcek
Untitled (#2 RAW material, in progress)
Raw Material
28 October - 19 November, 2010

At its Project Space in Ljubljana, the Galerija Gregor Podnar is pleased to present an artist of the younger generation, Maja Hodošcek, born in 1984 in Celje, Slovenia.

Maja Hodošček only very recently appeared on the art scene, and 2010 has been a landmark year for her. In January, she presented her first solo exhibition, Landscape, at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Celje, a show that did not go unnoticed. Landscape was nominated for the OHO Award, while she later went on to receive the OHO Award for a new work, Promised Land. The OHO Award brought the young artist a six-week residency in New York as part of the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP). Hodošček was able to use this residency to create her new project.

At the Project Space, then, she will be showing an entirely new work, entitled RAW Material; she describes it, for now, as a work in progress. As with Landscape and Promised Land (the first deals with the taboo of aging, the second with the exploitation of migrant workers), her new work is also based on an important social issue. But here, too, in her treatment of problems in the social reality, she uses various methods that take the bare documentary and politically current material to a more universal artistic level.

The installation, which comprises two videos and a series of sculptural objects, speaks about the mentality that is produced by the world of warfare. Her source material for the project was an authentic personal account by a young American war veteran. Using the techniques of video re-enactment, reproduction, animation, and montage, the artist has succeeded in adding many new layers and meanings to his testimony, giving it, above all, a new power.

Maja Hodošček studied in the Department of Fine Arts at the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Maribor between 2004 and 2009. She now works at the Celeia Center for Contemporary Arts in Celje, where she is developing the educational program for children and adults. Even as a student of art pedagogy in Maribor, Maja Hodošček devoted her energies primarily to video art, under the tutorial guidance of Associate Professor Specialist Dušan Zidar.

Curator of an exhibition is Nevenka Šivavec.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with Zavod Celeia Celje – Centre for Contemporary Arts.
The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.
Special thanks to: Black Veterans for Social Justice (Brooklyn, NY), Miha Ožek, Andrej Črepinšek