Grita Insam

Art & Film

06 May - 05 Jun 2010

curated by_Vienna 2010

with works by Catherine Borg, Ingo Giezendanner GRRRR, Manuel Knapp, Karina Nimmerfall and Amy Yoes

Drawn to Architecture
Under the curated by_vienna 2010 project Galerie Grita Insam is researching the juxtaposition of works with spatial and architectural structures and animated motion pictures, which is perfectly in line with the gallery’s program. In most of her works New York artist Amy Yoes is dealing exactly with these matters. Therefore we have invited her to select the artists for this group show in cooperation with the gallery and to curate the presentation in the gallery space. The result includes works that conceive architectural coherence as well as animated film and video. Most of the exhibits are created on site and reveal a rich variety of artistic concepts. Extensive wall drawings, sculptures, installations and monitors as well as projections will deliver a rich diversity of artistic media.

Tags: Manuel Knapp, Karina Nimmerfall