Grita Insam

Fernanda Gomes

19 Sep - 18 Nov 2008


September 19 - November 18, 2008

Reflecting surfaces, white planes, space, light. to make things simple, I call it painting. it sums up intentions and references. A materiality that plays with painting. Stretched fabrics, rigid and flexible structures, literal lines, white paper, always white, so many whites. this is fully rendered as painting by the gaze, in contemplation timing, seeing painting in things, on the wall itself and in light.

The main interest is still the immaterial. Things and materials surround us, all good for use, from water to gold, everything is precious. The selection is upon many different criteria, and the wide range of things used make also clear that if everything can be used, no material is really important. The focus is on imagination, vision, thinking, poetical possibilities of apprehension. cultural or social implication are implicit in every aspect of human activities, art could not escape to this.

The idea of space points to the fact that we are where we are. This prosaic reality is not so evident. I try always to concentrate to be able to be were I am, simple, but not easy. This is the starting point, not only for art.

To name something is a different adventure. I apply "no title" to things, literally. A privilege to visual arts is the possibility to have things free from words, create a language which is free from words. Contemporary art made a dangerous journey into theory, it can be interesting, if the autonomy of the visual language is mantained.

... This exhibition is about painting. White paintings: The color is very important ...
Fernanda Gomes, September 2008

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