Grita Insam

Gerold Tagwerker

08 Sep - 06 Nov 2010

© Gerold Tagwerker

September 8 - November 6, 2010

In his current exhibition zero_X Gerold Tagwerker is dealing with the modernistic themes of grid structures, mirrors and light. For this show he arranges an ensemble of new sculptures and photographs to an atmospheric setting. The viewer finds himself exposed to flashing light, reflected by a mirroring target and confronted with metallic grids. In his photographic images the artist reveals the toughness of concrete elements and repellent interiors of Brutalist architecture from the sixties.

zero_X is Gerold Tagwerkers fifth solo show at Grita Insam Gallery. His works were exhibited recently in the exhibition NineteenEightyFour at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. The artist will participate in upcoming shows such as paraflows.10 in the Wiener Künstlerhaus and an exhibiton curated by David Komary at the Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

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