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A Love. Max Klingers impact on modern art

12 Oct 2007 - 13 Jan 2008

Max Klinger
Erstes Intermezzo [Bl. 8 der Folge „Rettungen Ovidischer Opfer“ Opus II], 1879
© Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig
A Love. Max Klingers impact on modern art
12 October 2007 to 13 January 2008

The 150th anniversary in 2007 of the birth of Max Klinger provides the occasion for a review of his surprisingly diverse impact on European art around 1900 and the following decades. So far, Klinger's important and inspiring role has never been the theme of an exhibition. His naturalistic and symbolist impetus on the one hand, and above all the influence he had on the Surrealist artists have still not been satisfactorily acknowledged. Klinger's ‘Griffelkunst’ (hand drawings and prints) influenced such different artistic positions as that of Käthe Kollwitz and Edvard Munch, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst and Paul Klee. The focus of the exhibition will be on Klinger's lasting establishment of graphic art as an art form and his attempt to find a way out of what he called the ‘stylistic aberration’ that was historicism. The main question raised by the project is whether he is the Surrealist avant la lettre, or even ‘the modern artist par excellence’, as Giorgio de Chirico believed.

Curator of teh exhibition: Dr. Petra Roettig

Tags: Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Max Klinger, Käthe Kollwitz, Edvard Munch