Hammer Museum

Ryan Trecartin

10 Sep - 07 Dec 2008

© Ryan Trecartin
Still from I-BE AREA, 2007
Video. 108 min.
Courtesy Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York

September 10 - December 7, 2008

Ryan Trecartin’s videos uncannily reflect his generation, which grew up using the Internet, digital television, and interactive video games. He mixes cheap special effects with absurd narratives in which he and his regular cast of collaborator-friends act out a sort of Lord of the Flies for the 21st century. He tells sad love stories and bizarre family dramas utilizing technology to heighten the action and reflect today’s incessant information overload.
In his latest work, I-BE AREA (2007, 108 min) Trecartin weaves together several unruly stories with fast-moving, fast-talking characters that deal with such themes as cloning, adoption, self-mediation, lifestyle options, virtual identities, and larger questions of an existential nature. I-BE AREA screens in the Video Gallery on the hour, every other hour.
This exhibition is organized by Hammer Curator Ali Subotnick

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