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move - align - avoid

07 Sep - 27 Oct 2013

move - align - avoid
On the Swarm as Principle & Phenomenon
7 September - 27 October 2013

An exhibition with Julian Charrière, Nadine Fecht, Susanne Kriemann, George Maciunas, Yutaka Makino, Benjamin Patterson, Bettina Pousttchi, Radek Community, Man Ray, Mark Thompson.

move - align - avoid: To orientate yourself by the movement of your direct neighbours, to follow them and, at the same time, to not come too close to them. The naturale spectacle of a swarm is based on these three rules. The exhibition engages with this formation as a phenomenon between chaos and order; as well as with the principle that is already being used as a model of cultural transmission of collective dynamic forms of organization.

19.10.2013, 7 pm
Das Geschlecht der Schwärme. Von Bienen-Königinnen, Ameisengenerälen und verdächtigen Neutren.
A walk through films, texts and sound with Frank Kaspar (Cultural jouralist & media critic, Berlin)

Chloe Stead: ‘Multiplicities #1 – a reader’
This is the first reader in a three-part project by Chloe Stead accompanying each upcoming exhibition

Tags: Julian Charrière, Susanne Kriemann, George Maciunas, Benjamin Patterson, Bettina Pousttchi, Man Ray