Haus am Waldsee

Bettina Blohm

Berlin Drawings

18 Apr - 19 May 2018

Installation view
Berlin Drawings
18 April - 19 May 2018

Unlike her large scale, abstract paintings, Blohm's works on paper emerge out of a contemplative viewing of landscape. Carefully, yet determined, she transforms the traces of her hand into distinct symbols: A curved line, drawn with a wax crayon, divides the sheet horizontally and suggests a hilly landscape – at its end, the clear contours of a poplar. While perceiving landscape in an urban context, Blohm narrows her imagery to an emblematic reproduction of the visual.

A darkly shaded cloud, floating above the horizon, appears on a different sheet. Beneath, blades of grass the size of reeds resemble a rain shower. Again, the delicacy of signs is sufficient to give the spectator a clear picture of the topography, the vegetation and even of the atmospheric moment. In a subtle way, Blohm manages to create the perception of time and space, on the threshold of the visible.

Bettina Blohm was born in 1961 in Hamburg, Germany. After graduating in painting from the Academy of Arts in Munich, the artist moved to New York in 1984. In 2003, Blohm received the US citizenship.

On May 16 at 6.30 pm, the artist will discuss her work together with Katja Blomberg.