Haus am Waldsee

Sonja Alhäuser

From The Depths

05 Jul - 23 Aug 2018

From The Depths
5 July - 23 August 2018

Exclusively made for the upcoming “Baustellenfest” (construction site event) of Haus am Waldsee, these works offer a small taste of the festive banquet in the sculpture park on August 24. Hundred guests can register now for the amount of 60 Euro (exclusive of drinks).

Members of the Friends and Supporters association can acquire the presented works to support the exhibition space as a place for the inquiry of art and of the interactive interacting with new things.

Alhäuser, who has studied in the class of Fritz Schwegler in the academy of art in Düsseldorf in the 1990’s, causes sensation with sculptures made of edible materials such as butter, marzipan and chocolate since the 2000’s. Mermaids made from herb butter, the Venus made of marzipan and the Neptune made of chocolate are not only visually admired, the spectator will consume and eat the art work. Only the drawings remain.

Ten aquarelles as a “special edition” of Haus am Waldsee 2018:
Sonja Alhäuser, n.t., 2018, aquarelles on paper
42 x 37 cm
1.100 Euro framed

Tags: Sonja Alhäuser, Fritz Schwegler