Haus der Kunst


11 Feb - 08 May 2011

Simone Forti
slant board, 1960/2004
© the artist
courtesy the artist and the box, los angeles
art and dance since the 1960s
11 February - 8 May, 2011

the exhibition ‘move’ is dedicated to dance as the driving force in the development of art since the 1960s. the exhibits are activated by dancers, who are present every day in the exhibition – or the visitors themselves become active participants or even dancers. the starting point for the exhibition is works created in 1960s new york that blur the boundaries between art and life. in addition to key works like bruce nauman's ‘green light corridor’ from 1970 and sculptures by trisha brown, lygia clark and robert morris, the exhibition will present around 40 works by dancers, choreographers and visual artists. christian jankowski's playful invitation to hula hoop in the gallery was inspired by the famous choreographer trisha brown's ‘roof piece’ (1973). william forsythe's ‘the fact of matter’ from 2009 features 200 gym rings hanging from the ceiling at different heights. visitors can use them to cross the room without touching the floor, thereby testing their physical strength and mental agility. the exhibition will also feature works by dan graham, mike kelley, la ribot, joão penalva, tino sehgal, franz west, and many more.
the presentation is completed by a digital archive of photographs and films of the most important performance works from the past 50 years.

Tags: Trisha Brown, Lygia Clark, William Forsythe, Dan Graham, Christian Jankowski, Mike Kelley, Robert Morris, Bruce Nauman, João Penalva, La Ribot, Tino Sehgal, Franz West