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Paper Weight — Genre-defining Magazines 2000 to Now

12 Jul - 27 Oct 2013

Magazines (selection)
12 July - 27 October 2013

A fresh look at independent publishing in the twenty-first century that focuses on 15 international, independent magazines that have originated over the past 13 years. Each stands out as a forerunner of broader cultural shifts or movements. Including publications like "032c", "Apartamento", "Bidoun", "BUTT", "Candy", "Encens", and "Sang Bleu", the exhibition's selected magazines treat subjects as varied as architecture, art, design, fashion, food, and sex. Yet, rather than specifically catering to visible demand, these titles have imagined new and unexpected demographics that transcend their general topics. Often driven by the vision (and obsessions) of a strong personality, each of these magazines is visually engaging, presents distinctive viewpoints, and innovatively rethinks the potential of the magazine as a medium in the new media landscape.
Curated by Felix Burrichter, the editor and creative director of "PIN–UP" magazine, the exhibition provides an insider’s perspective on the independent publishing world, while also exploring the larger cultural significance of these niche products. Represented as a collection of oversize, walk-through magazines, each publication is illustrated and situated within its specific cultural context in an exhibition designed by the Athens-based artist and architect Andreas Angelidakis. www.angelidakis com

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