Hayward Gallery

Deceitful Moon

21 Jul - 31 Aug 2009


Tuesday 21 July 2009 - Monday 31 August 2009

Opening 40 years after the Apollo 11 moon landings, the group exhibition Deceitful Moon does not mark the anniversary of this world-shaping event, but rather commemorates the longstanding doubt that it took place at all. Featuring work by British and international artists, the show explores the moon as a site for misrepresentation and mistrust, touching on a tradition of hoaxes and conspiracy theories that reaches back to at least the 18th century.
Artists include: Tom Dale, William Hogarth, Matthew Day Jackson & David Tompkins, Aleksandra Mir, Karen Russo, Amalia Pica, Sam Porritt, Johannes Vogl, Grant Morrison & Cameron Stewart, Carey Young and Keith Wilson.

Tags: Matthew Day Jackson, Aleksandra Mir, Amalia Pica, Karen Russo, Johannes Vogl, Carey Young