Hayward Gallery

Wide Open School

11 Jun - 11 Jul 2012

11 June - 11 July 2012

Wide Open School is an experiment in public learning where over 100 international artists leading workshops, collaborative projects, lectures and seminars on subjects in which they are passionately interested. It provides a platform for people to engage directly with artists from all over the world, and to actively participate in courses fuelled by the imaginations of an extraordinary group of artists.

Events include Cao Fei hosting an evening based on a cultural gathering from the Six Dynasties era in China; Susan Hiller on dreams relating to recent political, social and economic events; Yinka Shonibare and Richard Philips looking at sex in the colonies; Susan Philipsz exploring how sounds can trigger memory and redefine a place; Mark Wallinger teaching a history of drawing from Alberti to Pixar; and Thomas Hirschhorn on the value of energy, not quality.

Tags: Cao Fei, Susan Hiller, Thomas Hirschhorn, Susan Philipsz, Yinka Shonibare, Mark Wallinger