Hermes und der Pfau

Discoteca Flaming Star

28 Feb - 23 Mar 2008

Fernando (We were young. Full of life.
None of us prepared to die) 2

28.02. – 23.03.2008, Opening 28.02.2008 at 7 pm

“I hate people saying ‘I was meant to be a ballet dancer’, while running a pig farm.” (Hate-Script (Kiosk))

Hermes und der Pfau is proud to present the exhibition “Fernando (We were young. Full of life. None of us prepared to die) 2” by the Berlin-based artist and performance collective Discoteca Flaming Star. Here, “Fernando (We were young. Full of life. None of us prepared to die) 2” translates as the first version of this installation of the same name which was designed in 2007 in the shape of a kiosk for Madrid Abierto as a project in public space. The idea of repetition as an act of artistic autonomy and a record for the diversity of thinking was formulated by Jorge Luis Borges and is a vital part of the installation by Discoteca Flaming Star designed for Hermes und der Pfau. It absorbs the exhibition space completely and consists of an embroidered banner, texts, verses, and various projected slides. Fernando is being perceived as a complex discernable space of reference through the overlay of these elements, and thus works both as stage and picture, as invitation and personal comment.

Discoteca Flaming Star was founded in 1998 by the artists Cristina Gómez Barrio und Wolfgang Mayer. Discoteca Flaming Star works is an interdisciplinary artistic and collaborative performance project, a rockband or rather a group of persons that plays songs, understanding them as a personal response to political, social and historical events. Their work was last shown at “The John Institute” at Cinema Palace, St. Gallen (2008), Shedhalle Zurich, WhitneyMuseum, New York, Galerie Freymond-Guth, Zurich and Tate Modern, London (all in 2007), General Public, Berlin, Kunstraum Munich, The Kitchen, New York and Chelsea Museum, New York (all in 2006). From February 15th to March 6th Discoteca Flaming Star takes part in the exhibition “Pop! goes the weasel” at Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (performance on March 27th 2008).

Discoteca Flaming Star is represented by Freymond-Guth & Co. Fine Arts, Zurich.

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