Hermes und der Pfau

Empty Frames

29 Nov - 15 Dec 2007


John Clayman, Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Susan Philipsz

29.11. – 15.12. 2007, Opening 29.11.2007 at 7 pm

The exhibition “Empty Frames” deals with absence in Contemporary Art. “Empty Frames” is not about the expressiveness of physical objects within the exhibition space but presents works of three international artists exemplarily questioning the site-specifics in art in their strongly referential work. As there is not much to see at the first glance the viewers have to refer back to the site, the room and their own imagination. The works of Lasse Schmidt Hansen (*1978, Rotterdam), John Clayman (*1964, London) and Susan Philipsz (*1965, Berlin) all share a conceptual approach representing a prospective grammatic direction of an exhibition space. Lasse Schmidt Hansen’s light installation “parallel lines” explores the inaccuracy between reality and reproduction, standardization and actuality, directing the lighting of the exhibition space not according to the architectural conditions of the room but invisible coordinates of frame of reference freely chosen by the artist himself. The melodies and lyrics of Susan Philipsz audio installation “Company” evokes a number of inner pictures and memories, and seems to come out of nowhere. John Clayman’s slide installation “Empty Frames”, eponymous for the exhibition’s title, is a compilation of well-known black and white photographs documenting famous in-situ artwork. When Clayman retouched the respective pieces and thereby subducted the specifics of the shots, the question of what remains in a collective image memory regarding the art’s location, is being raised.

Tags: Al Hansen, Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Susan Philipsz