Hermes und der Pfau

Kerstin Brätsch

17 Apr - 16 May 2009


17.04.2009 – 16.05.2009, Opening 17.04.2009 at 7 pm

Hermes und der Pfau is happy to announce the exhibition BUYBRÄTSCHWÖRSTGHOSTS by New York resident artist Kerstin Brätsch (*1979). The large-sized paintings of the Hamburg born artist are part of a conceptual praxis which puts the focus on the performative aspect of the picture and involved questions concerning presentation, distribution and attribution of meaning. Together with Berlin's artist Adele Röder Kerstin Brätsch founded DAS INSTITUT, a kind of “Import / Export Agency”, in 2007. Through DAS INSTITUT her works can be integrated in a wider system of references and examined in terms of functional-specific questions. The abstract design vocabulary which characterizes her paintings has to be understood in this context as design (pattern), advertisment (announcement) and reproduction (copy).

Simultaneous with the exhibition at Hermes und der Pfau Parisian gallery Balice Hertling is showing the exhibition BUYBRÄTSCH- WÖRST. All exhibits of BUYBRÄTSCHWÖRSTGHOSTS at Hermes und der Pfau are referring in the spirit of a ghostshow to the exhibition in Paris. The transparent paintings hanging freely from the ceiling of the exhibition room like curtains or partitions are copies and details of her works shown in Paris. Publications of DAS INSTITUT, black and white copies of the coloured booklets that are documenting the exhibition of Kerstin Brätsch at gallery Balice Hertling, are presented on a table.

Kerstin Brätsch was born in Hamburg in 1979, studied at the UdK in Berlin and lives and works in New York. Works of Kerstin Brätsch are currently shown at the exhibition “Younger than Jesus” at the New Museum, New York, the exhibition “modernmodern” at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York and the exhibition “BUYBRÄTSCHWÖRST” at gallery Balice Hertling, Paris. Beginning 26th of may, the works exhibited at Hermes und der Pfau will be shown at the Cecilia Alemani curated exhibition “Solaris” at gallery Gió Marconi in Milan. Kerstin Brätsch is represented by Balice Hertling in Paris.

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