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Whistleblowers & Vigilantes

Figures of Digital Resistance

09 Apr - 14 Aug 2016

Figures of Digital Resistance
9 April - 14 August 2016

Curated by Inke Arns and Jens Kabisch

As early as 1996 artists and net activists such as the Electronic Disturbance Theater and etoy began using “electronic civil disobedience” tactics to attract the public’s attention to the rampant commercialisation of the Internet. Since this time, the radical strand of online activism called ‘internet vigilantism’ or simply ‘digilantism’ has been thriving.

The exhibition “Whistleblowers and Vigilantes. Figures of Digital Resistance” asks what links hacktivists, whistleblowers and (Internet) vigilantes. What is the legal understanding of these different actors? Do they share certain conceptions? Who speaks and acts for whom and in the name of which (higher) right?

Among other issues the exhibition will examine the differing legal conceptions and strategies of self-legitimisation put forth by activists, whistleblowers, hackers, online activists and artists to justify their work.

With works by, Anonymous, Julian Assange, John Perry Barlow, William Binney, Critical Art Ensemble, Cypherpunks, Lutz Dammbeck, DIS, Thomas Drake, Electronic Disturbance Theatre, Daniel Ellsberg, Etoy, Omer Fast, Dominic Gagnon, Ted Kaczynski (a.k.a. Unabomber), Neo-Luddism, LulzSec, Chelsea Manning, Tim May, Metahaven, Netzpolitik / #Landesverrat, Trevor Paglen, Peng! Collective, Jesselyn Radack, Milo Rau / IIPM - International Institute of Political Murder, Edward Snowden, Clark Stoeckley, Telecomix, UBERMORGEN, WikiLeaks, a.o.

Tags: Inke Arns, Critical Art Ensemble (CAE), Lutz Dammbeck, Omer Fast, Metahaven, Trevor Paglen