Beck’s Futures

31 Mar - 14 May 2006

Beck’s Futures 2006
31 Mar - 14 May 2006

Launched in 2000 Beck’s Futures is one of the most prominent and vital British prizes for contemporary art.

As the award moves into its seventh year, the ICA and Beck’s Bier are collaborating with the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow and the Arnolfini in Bristol on an ambitious nationwide exhibition. Beck’s Futures 2006 promises an insight into the wide variety of art being made in the UK — from drawing and painting, to installation, performance, photography, sculpture and audio-visual work.

This year’s exhibition will run concurrently at the ICA, the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow (opening on 8 April 2006 at 73 Trongate, Glasgow) and the Arnolfini in Bristol (opening on 13 April 2006 at Porthouse, Bristol).

The 13 short listed artists are: Blood ‘n’ Feathers (Jo Robertson and Lucy Stein), Pablo Bronstein, Stefan Brüggemann, Richard Hughes, Flávia Müller Medeiros, Seb Patane, Olivia Plender, Simon Popper, Jamie Shovlin, Daniel Sinsel, Matt Stokes, Sue Tompkins and Bedwyr Williams.

Works by those on the shortlist include Bedwyr Williams’ footwear-swapping piece for gallery visitors, referring to his struggles to find large enough shoes; Simon Popper’s reinterpretation of James Joyce’s Ulysses with the words printed alphabetically; Blood ‘n’ Feathers’ luscious paintings which seek to investigate Rock and Roll mythology; Stefan Brüggemann’s text piece of over 700 possible exhibition titles, an offer to the curators of all three Beck’s Futures exhibitions to choose a ready-made title; Jamie Shovlin’s assemblage of memorabilia of the rock band Lustfaust, part of the experimental music scene of 1970s Berlin; Flávia Müller Medeiros’ video work, Inaugurate (2005), which marries found footage from the film Easy Rider to a recording of George Bush’s second inauguration speech read by an actor in the style of an American car salesman; and Olivia Plender’s comic book for adults inspired by manga, 1950’s advertising illustrations, pulp fiction book jackets, horror film posters and 19th-century spirit photography.

Beck’s Futures gives a £20,000 overall award to one artist from the shortlist. This year a public vote will enable visitors to participate in the selection of the award-winner. You will be able to register your views — alongside those of judges Jake and Dinos Chapman, Martin Creed, Cornelia Parker, Yinka Shonibare MBE and Gillian Wearing — at any of the participating venues, or online at:


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