Chto delat? (What is to be done?)

09 Sep - 24 Oct 2010

CHTO DELAT? (WHAT IS TO BE DONE?) - The Urgent Need to Struggle

9 September 2010 - 24 October 2010

The collective, made up of artists, critics, philosophers and writers, sees its diverse activities as a merging of political theory, art and activism. Formed in 2003, the group’s ideas are rooted in their observations of post-Perestroika Russia, and in principles of self-organisation and collectivism. Their work uses a variety of means to advance a leftist position on economic, social, and cultural agendas; they publish a regular newspaper, produce artwork in the form of videos, installations, public actions, radio programmes and examinations of urban space, and contribute regularly to conferences and publications.
For the ICA Chto delat? have formulated The Urgent Need to Struggle, an exhibition and associated season of activity which extends their identity as ‘a self-organising platform for cultural workers’, presenting artwork and ideas produced by multiple individual and collaborative practices. Revolving around the publication of a new edition of their newspaper, with a gallery display centred on the group’s satirical musical videos and a programme of talks, screenings and performances throughout the ICA, Chto delat? articulate the potential for constituting new forms of living and learning.

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