Oreet Ashery

10 - 16 Aug 2015

Oreet Ashery, installation at fig-2
Photography by © Benjamin Cosmo Westoby
fig-2 32/50
10 – 16 August 2015

Oreet Ashery marks a moment in time for her project Revisiting Genesis at fig-2. Revisiting Genesis is a web series looking at the processes of dying, digital afterlife and legacy, outsider communities, friendships and reincarnations of women artists. Launching in Spring 2016, the series feature a nurse who creates biographical slideshows for those actively preparing for death, and Genesis, an artist in need of a slideshow.

At the fig-2 premises, Ashery embarks on a two staged exhibition, inviting the Death Metal band Anoxide and artist duo New Noveta to realise a colliding performance at the opening night, and an installation to follow. Instigating the embedded condition of death in the everyday and highlighting its presence, Ashery transforms the space into a place for contemplation and formation of a creative endeavour. Ashery’s all white environment includes two bronze busts by modernist sculptor Dora Gordine: a self-portrait and a rendition of one of her supporters, the art historian and museum director Sir John Pope-Hennessy, and a photograph depicting Amy Winehouse with her producer Mark Ronson. The installation is accompanied by an excerpt from Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In preparation for the web series, a two-day casting session will take place at fig-2 for Genesis’ friends and people actively preparing for death. To register for the auditions please visit the open call out. The weeklong programme will expand with a screening of Afterlife by Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda on Thursday evening.

fig-2 would like to thank Wellcome Trust, Stanley Picker Gallery, Dorich House Museum, Tyneside Cinema, Waterside Contemporary, Forest Furniture, and Arts Council England for their generous support.

Oreet Ashery is an artist living and working in London. Recent solo projects include: Party for Freedom, an Artangel commission, 2013; The space for Freedom is Getting smaller and less transparent, Overgaden, Copenhagen, 2014; The World is Flooding, a Tate Modern Turbine Hall performance, 2014; 21st Century Carpet Sale! A legendary collection, performance and auction, Swedenborg House, London 2014, Animal with a language, waterside contemporary, London 2014 and Campagne-Premiere, Berlin, 2015. Ashery is the 2013-15 Visiting Professor at the Painting Department, Royal College of Art and a Fine Art fellow at Stanley Picker gallery where she is currently developing her web series project Revisiting Genesis for the internet.

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