ICA Los Angeles

Maryam Jafri

I Drank the Kool-Aid But I Didn’t Inhale

29 Jul - 30 Sep 2018

Installation detail view of Maryam Jafri: Product Recall: An Index of Innovation
Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland, 2015
Images courtesy the artist and Laveronica, Modica, Italy
Maryam Jafri’s (b. 1972; lives and works between Copenhagen, Denmark and New York) work is informed by a research based, interdisciplinary process, often marked by a series of narrative experiments sitting at the crossroads of cultural anthropology and conceptual art. This exhibition presents a new staging of Jafri’s Product Recall: An Index of Innovation (2014–15) which combines framed texts and “still life” product photography of unsuccessful food products from the private archives of anonymous food industry figures. This alternative cultural history of industrialized food production in the 20th century reveals how agribusiness and the innovations of laboratory science are implicated in the mass circulation and consumption of everyday commodities. This exhibition marks Jafri’s first solo institutional presentation in the United States.

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