By Now

13 Feb - 12 Apr 2015

© Aleksey Naumchik
We never get older, Minsk, 2011
Contemporary Photography of Belarus
13 February – 12 April 2015

Belarus – a blank spot on the map nowadays? Since the 1990s, Belarus remains widely isolated, both in political relations and economically. Domestically, the country has been shaped by the autocratic leadership of Alexander Lukashenka. The young creative scene comments visually on the current situation in their country with a new way of seeing, humour and in some cases challenging impudence. The exhibition "BY NOW – Contemporary photography from Belarus", curated by Matthias Harder, is focused on new developments in photography in Belarus offers a fresh view on the development inside the Belarusian photography scene and draws a multi-layered photographic picture of contemporary Belarus, ranging from classic black and white portrait to Photoshop experiments with garish colours.

Already in 1994 in the exhibition "Photography in Minsk", the ifa-Gallery Berlin presented some of the artistic positions of the scene of photographers working at the time in Minsk. 20 years later it is apparent that even though there is seclusion and isolation, a new, young scene of photographers has emerged, who deal creatively with their everyday life and participate in global networks.

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