Ileana Tounta

Eugenia Apostolou

19 Mar - 09 May 2015

Exhibition view
19 March – 9 May 2015

Eugenia Apostolou presents her first solo exhibition at the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center entitled Apparitions. She studied in London at the Central School of Art & Design and the Royal College of Art. She has presented up to now eight solo shows and has participated in group exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.

The work of Eugenia Apostolou belongs to the field of abstract painting, whose limits she constantly tries to expand. During her artistic career Eugenia Apostolou explores and studies painting as concept, material, substance and specifically the possibility of attributing to painting a spatial dimension. This is the exact element where diversity lies in her work: the actualization of sculpturesque forms through gesture and colour. Consciously the canvas becomes space and the work is being transformed to a three-dimensional object

The works follow a procedure of growth and sequential degradation or minimization. In this process the fortuitous occurrences play a key role, leading the works in their final form, where the perceiving is the unexpected event. So the paradox is created in what we see, in what we comprehend, questioning our certainties.

The questions that Eugenia Apostolou brings forward are related to abstract art, conceptual art and the boundaries of minimalism. She belongs to those artists who attempt to expand the limits of minimalist art attempting to extend the boundaries of painting.