Ileana Tounta

Martha Dimitropoulou

12 Dec 2013 - 25 Jan 2014

© Martha Dimitropoulou
Mercedes S500, 2013
pine needles and iron
12 December 2013 – 25 January 2014

Martha Dimitropoulou presents her new work entitled «Mercedes S500». The work is the sculptural representation of an armored Mercedes-Benz S500, vehicle particularly used in the transportation of high authority figures, made in life-size dimensions exclusively by pine needles.

The detailed accuracy and the time needed for the completion of the work not only call attention to the notions of Expensive, Unique and Precious but imply the intention of the artist to take a stand on the way authority and power is projected in comparison to the substance – like something that nature itself sustains or rejects.

With this work, Martha Dimitropoulou attempts to question both the medium used for the creation of the work (pine needles are a worthless material that nature has rejected) and the form. The object she has chosen – symbol of wealth, authority and power – is weakened, since portrayed as a fragile form, and loses its socio-political status undermining thus the very means of representation and exercise of power. As the economic crisis continues, this symbol transforms - in a sense - into a “rejected material” itself, that will eventually be forgotten like so many other symbols of power have been in the past.

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