Ileana Tounta

Savvas Christodoulides

04 Oct - 10 Nov 2012

Things Contemplated and Reassigned
4 October – 10 November 2012

Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center presents “Things Contemplated and Reassigned”, Savva’s Christodoulides new solo show.

The show will open on Thursday 4 October 2012, at 19:30, and will run until 10 November 2012.

Christodoulides’ oeuvre covers more than twenty years of creativity with numerous solo and group shows in Europe, all sharing as a common ground the versatile artistic expression; an expression that deals with constructions or interpretations of an ideological lapse and indicates the creation of new relationships in time and space.

The elegant and eloquent scepticism becomes the artist’s medium with which he bridges the distance between the imminent reality and the value of lyricism. The authenticity of Christodoulides’ oeuvre consists of an elegiac sequence and the historical narration that this includes. Contemplated objects –familiar or of a second use– are being reassigned to express, through the new reference and usage that the artist attributes to them, a new condition. The new ideological assignment, questioned by the components of the work, is being transacted and deliberated by the artist. The value of each work lies in an area of a confessional narration where individual and collective memories coincide and coexist.

The majority of his works are variations of a structured memory where nostalgia and contemplation create what the artists names ‘memorial grid‘: a complex of objects and opinions. Models of a sculpture that embraces architecture’s rationality without restrictions, the works “experience” the time and the place that accepts them. They constitute strong revelations of the intimate and the absolute inner state that determines it.