Jack Hanley


05 Jul - 03 Aug 2012

Exhibition view
Rachel Garrard | Chris Hood | Sissel Kardel | Keegan Mchargue | Jeff Olsson | Tyson Reeder
5 July - 3 August 2012

Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present Spaced, a summer drawing show.
An intimate activity, drawing is often a personal description of place, be that a
physical location or metaphysical spot. The small, human-scale size of a
drawing invites a peek into another’s inward-looking window. Shared as it is
between viewer and maker, the exhibition is a kind of limbo that emphasizes
and mediates individuals’ viewing-spaces.
Some humorous, others sensual, the works in show deal with this interior-exterior
axis in ways that can be both familiar and strange. Rachel Garrard’s and
Sissel Kardel’s mystical self-portraits touch upon a fluidity between nature and
the self, while Jeff Olsson’s portraits of woodsmen in Swedish landscapes create
an idiosyncratic folklore. In contrast are Tyson Reeder’s landscape and Keegan
McHargue’s humorously abstracted figures, Chris Hood’s altered pop references,
and Scott Reeder’s witty spaghetti-mades.

Tags: Keegan Mchargue, Jeff Olsson, Tyson Reeder, Scott Reeder