Jiri Svestka

Adela Babanova

16 Sep - 27 Oct 2011

Exhibition view
16 September - 27 October, 2011

Adéla Babanová studied the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2000-2006) in the Studio of New Media I, Studio of Conceptual Art and Studio of Graphic Arts II. She graduated with a multimedia project Interview with Sylvia Plath, which foreshadowed her next creative direction. Babanová works with literary forms, elements and procedures used by radio and television genres such as inscenation, interview or TV debate. From the very beginning she collaborates with duo of screenplay writers Vojtěch Mašek and Džian Baban, who also participates in the music. Although she works with professional film crew and actors, she presents her videos and audiovisual works mostly in a form of installation, which is also the case of Troublemakers exhibition in the Jiri Svestka Gallery.