Jiri Svestka

Heretic & Co. The Golden City

20 Jan - 14 Apr 2007

H E R E T I C & C o.
"The Golden City"

Concept: Astrid Sourkova / Markus Selg
January 20 – March 10, 2007
prolonged until April 14, 2007

As a dramatic Gesamtkunstwerk Astrid Sourkova and Markus Selg produce
The Heretic & Co. – The Golden City exhibition. The title is based in art history such as history of permanent heresy. Joining classical artworks from Karel Tutsch ́s, the gallerist and collector from Brno, and the collection and current art, mainly from Berlin, they have successfully created a close complex in Jiri Svestka Gallery. “Within the Czech-German cultural tradition, which created the Prague ́s physiognomy in architecture, literature and art, a picture of visionary fantastic city has been designed consisting of paintings, sculptures, films, furniture and wall pictures,” describes the exhibition Jiri Svestka. The exhibition will be opened for public till March 10, 2007 at well-known addresse: Jiri Svestka Gallery, Biskupsky dvur 6, Praha 1.

The collector Karel Tutsch wanted to introduce his collection not as a hindsight but as a sight to future. Astrid Sourkova had already chosen some of the artworks for the exhibition “Heretic & Co. – assembly on Brno–Berlin axis“ in summer 2006 in House of Arts in Brno. The exhibition was than opened with artists ́ parade in city centre.

The record of above mentioned parade, which is a symbol of metamorphosis and gateway to golden city in itself, is part of a wall picture in Jiri Svestka Gallery. Even before the visitor goes on pretty a theatre scene densely occupied by sculptures / figures.

In next area the movie Infahrnis is being showed. Its five authors have created Prager Anker (Prague ́s Anchor) art group. The movie presents a psychogram of a pilgrim ́s journey with motives from Zahor ́s couch from Karel Jaromir Erben. The whole inscenation is presented as a multimedia installation in the form of film museum. Doors, playing a crucial part in Infahrnis, appears again in next space as a monumental architecture of cinema. It enables
the opening of all space obstacles for Metamorphosis.

One floor under (in rarely approachable Jiri Svestka Gallery ́s area) the whole panorama of Golden City opens up. One can recognize parts of working quarter with smoking chimneys, main square with a church and also pictorial architecture of Jewish city evoking Gustav Meyrink and his Golem ́s visions.

Also the memory of half a century old wall painting from Mexican painter Diego Rivera made a year before his dead in Brno ́s House of Arts ́ cellar will be called up. As a part of Heretic & Co. project this painting finds a way to Golden City to escape its own destruction.

Artists represented at the exhibition: Bara, Jochen Buhler, Andre Butzer, Bjorn Dahlem, Jiri David, Stanislav Divis, Tine Furler, Michal Gabriel, Andrew Gilbert, Thomas Groetz, Thilo Heinzmann, Thomas Helbig, Andreas Hofer, Helena Huneke, Marcel Huppauff, Erwin Kneihsl, Vladimir Kokolia, Nina Konnemann, Maja Korner, Jiri Kovanda, Lina Launhardt, Jochen Lengenfelder, Joep van Liefland, Kalin Lindena, Jiri Naceradsky, Zdenek Rykr, Markus Selg, Jiri Sopko, Astrid Sourkova, Antonin Strizek, Stefan Thater, Miroslav Tichy, Karel Tutsch, Thomas Winkler, Ulrich Wulff.

Tags: André Butzer, Björn Dahlem, Jirí David, Andrew Gilbert, Thilo Heinzmann, Thomas Helbig, Andy Hope 1930, Erwin Kneihsl, Nina Könnemann, Maja Körner, Jirí Kovanda, Joep van Liefland, Kalin Lindena, Diego Rivera, Markus Selg, Stefan Thater, Miroslav Tichy, Ulrich Wulff