Jiri Svestka

Katarina Poliacikova

11 Feb - 02 Apr 2011

Exhibition view
Vertical Narratives
11 February - 2 April, 2011

Katarina Poliacikova represents the young generation of Slovak artists. We can find two mainperspectives in her work. In the first one she is rediscovering and discussing aura and originality through the strategy of deconstructing and reinterpretating art.
Her second strategy is to facilitate an identification with the work through the use of personal memories and intimate topics.
These two mindstreams collide and intersect at the point of memory and remembering, as well as vanity and the possibility of manipulating memories.
Using a diversity of media from drawings, photography, to video or objects she connects everything in a spatial installation that corresponds with the breadth of her work.

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