João Ferreira

Beezy Bailey

14 Jun - 17 Jul 2010

© Beezy Bailey
Goggo Man
Oil on canvas
250 x 170
Works on Paper

14th June - 17th July
80 Hout Street
Opening reception: 14th June

This showcase uncovers as yet unseen works, focussing on the print making side of my art and pushing boundaries there of. I always feel that painting informs sculpture and sculpture informs print making and that they are all interrelated. The spontaneous approach is an integral part of my art making and thus I have employed, with the smaller hand coloured etchings, the sugar lift technique on copper plate. This technique allows for spontaneous painterly-like images to evolve. Also with the lager prints, I use an angle grinder on Masonite, having resolved the image using charcoal, I then carve into the surface with an angle grinder. The plate is then inked up and wiped like any etching plate and placed under a very large etching press, printed onto pure cotton arches paper, allowing for a jam-like surface on the finished print. This is then hand coloured with gouache resulting in each print being unique in spite of being a part of a small edition of no more than 15.

In spite of the fact that the show predominately features prints, painting remains my most prominent art form. On the show will be two recent paintings.