João Ferreira

Eleonora Rossi

04 - 27 Mar 2009

© Eleonora Rossi
Around New Beginning, 2009
Acrylic & spray paint on canvas
200 X 120 cm
“Morning Walking: new dawn”

4 - 27 March 2009
Opening Reception: 11 March at 6pm.

João Ferreira Gallery is proud to present Eleonora Rossi’s third solo exhibition with the gallery; ‘Morning Walking: new dawn’. Rossi’s focus on the concept of alienation is continued in this new body of works and is rendered in diaphanous acrylic and spraypaint on canvas.

Rossi’s characters inhabit a desolate “post-apocalyptic” future in which they are depicted without reference to time or space. It seems as if the subjects are merely surviving in the picture plane surrounded by what appears to be organic forms – the only thing that seems to have survived the total devastation.
As Rossi explains “we are living in a historical period where a sense of great insecurity, both social and financial, is prevalent. Everything looks in constant danger. The alert is at its maximum level”. It is at this point that Rossi’s works exist. The point of constant tension where at any time an event greater than our will could forever compromise our day to day life.