João Ferreira

New Works, New Acquisitions

06 - 29 Sep 2007

© Anton Karstel
Untitled (detail), 2007.
Oil on canvas.
169 x 227cm.

6 - 29 September 2007

Tom Cullberg
Nadja Daehnke
Tracey Derrick
Egon Tania
Anton Karstel
Stefan Balkenhol.

João Ferreira Gallery is proud to present the 'New Work, New Acquisitions' show. An exhibition which will showcase work created within the last year as well as acquisitions made. Exhibiting artists include Tom Cullberg, whose art moves the viewer into the realm of memories; Nadja Daehnke, who has replaced her scarred and tortured canvas with metal and signage; a 'social documentary' photograph by Tracey Derrick; Swiss artist Remo’s satirical art, as well as Egon Tania's first bronze sculptures alongside Anton Karstel's latest oil on canvas and a drawing by Stefan Balkenhol.

Tags: Egon Tania