João Ferreira

Wendy Anziska

04 - 28 Feb 2009

© Wendy Anziska
Network, 2008
Oil on board
89.5 X 206.5 X 3 cm
"Show Time!"

4 - 28 February 2009

I find Life an endless puzzle. The world is going through a negative period reflected in our earthly desires, vanity and plastic values. However there is always hope and potential for change. I hope my work expresses my feelings about this situation, as I believe change will ultimately be for good. Our life is but a "moment" in the larger scheme of things.

- Wendy Anziska

João Ferreira Gallery is proud to present Wendy Anziska's latest exhibition "SHOW TIME!". Anziska is an established South African painter who has exhibited within South Africa since 1970 and internationally since 1994. Her work stands in prominent corporate and private collections, as well as the South African National Gallery.