Sommer Kino

27 Jun - 25 Jul 2015

© Candida Höfer
Kino Weidengasse Köln I 1977
27 June - 25 July

Karin Sander
Sigrid 1930, 2009

Film projection, Excerpt from Pathé film of 1930 with mold traces,
stains, and scratches, 9,5 mm, black-and- white, sound,
00:36 min

Candida Höfer and Tony Morgan
Da Forno, 1975

16 mm transferred to video, silent
4:13 min

Ceal Floyer

Untitled Credit Roll (CMIYC), 2013
Video projection Videoprojektion
04:47 min

Wilhelm Sasnal

Kiss, 2004

Super 8 film transferred to video
4:51 min

Roman Ondák

Concealed Episode, 2007

Video, color, stereo sound

6:37 min

Anri Sala

It Will Happen Exactly Like That, 2008

HD Video, color, stereo,

7:00 min

Christopher Roth

Hawaii ‘962036, 2015

7:02 min

David Claerbout
Radio Piece (Hong Kong), 2015
single channel video projection, color, binaural sound over headphones
11:40 min

in collaboration with RAY Fotografieprojekte, Frankfurt/RheinMain

Ryan Gander

And you will be changed
 (Centre Pompidou, Paris), 2014
11:45 min

Pierre Huyghe

De-extinction, 2014

Film, colour, stereo, sound
12:35 min

Christoph Keller

Anarcheology, 2014

HD-Video, silent
12:40 min

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster

De Novo, 2009

Film, Black & White and color, stereo sound,
French language with subtitles, 4:3 format
20:00 min

Liam Gillick

Margin Time 2 (The Heavenly Lagoon)
Single channel HD video, color and black and white, sound
49:55 min

Tags: David Claerbout, Ceal Floyer, Ryan Gander, Liam Gillick, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Candida Höfer, Pierre Huyghe, Christoph Keller, Roman Ondák, Christopher Roth, Anri Sala, Karin Sander, Wilhelm Sasnal