Juliètte Jongma

Mike Pratt

17 Jan - 28 Feb 2015

Deep Pond
17 January - 28 February 2015

“I wanted them to be ugly, I only succeeded a little.” The solo exhibition by Mike Pratt titled Deep Pond shows five works which all relate both to painting and sculpture. In these works the artist uses a base of wood or styrofoam to give a visual chunky feel. Thick layers of wax are added to emphasize a greasy feeling like butter on a slice of bread attaching either colored aquarium pebbles or other un-painterly materials playing with oral experiences coming from daily life. Modeling clay is being moulded as toothpaste and the surface and coloring of the work remind us of a peanut butter and chocolate sprinkle sandwich.

Within the exhibition the works on show all derive from the same prominent starting point, constructed outlines besides sculptural elements attached to the surface. It reminds one of particular parts of a violin or a guitar, Mike Pratt refers to Cubism as a base to display a contemporary attitude. Smear and aquarium pebbles are combined with a fake bird and a leaf branch placed on top like a hair do gone wrong. Pieces of fabric are nonchalantly draped behind the constructed shapes.

A pond is known for being muddy in which plants grow, animals live, and insects are attracted. It forms an island and its own singular biotope in the landscape. Pratt makes a clear statement by entitling the exhibition Deep Pond. Pratt is muddying the waters in his first solo exhibition in the gallery.

Mike Pratt (1987, UK) graduated Northumbria University in 2009 and was awarded the Paul Mason Sculpture Prize. He completed a program at De Ateliers in Amsterdam in 2014. Exhibitions include: Good Mourning Bell Workplace Gateshead, Cumberland Sausage Extraspazio, Rome, and HUBBA HUBBA, Satellite, Newcastle, Satellite Satellite Workplace London, Zamboni for the Moose Galerie Juliette Jongma, Riff/Rift Baltic39, Newcastle, Right Eye, Left Eye V8 Plattform für neue Kunst, Karlsruhe, Theatrical Dynamics Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles.