Wilhelm Sasnal

05 Sep 2009 - 10 Jan 2010

Wilhelm Sasnal, ohne Titel, 2009, Öl auf Leinwand, 180 x 220 cm, Privatsammlung, London, © Wilhelm Sasnal
The exhibition in K21 will be the first comprehensive presentation of Wilhelm Sasnal’s (born in 1972 in Tarnów, Poland) work in Germany. It will be shown exclusively in Düsseldorf.

This exhibition will consist of about 60 pictures and will offer an overview of his creative work during the past six to seven years. Several of Sasnal’s films and videos will also be on display and will serve as a compelling addition to his paintings.

His painting style developed in Krakow during the first post-communist decade. During this time, he belonged to a group of like-artists. These painters were concerned with a realistic kind of art in the broadest sense which emulated popular imagery and everyday motifs from the past and the present.

Early on, Sasnal developed a large range of pictorial options reaching from methods used in illustrative commercial art to almost complete abstraction. The topics comprise not only scenes and details from Sasnal’s concrete surroundings – he still lives in Krakow - but also direct and indirect allusions to historic events and figures. The pictures which are connected to Poland’s dramatic and complex history during the 20mindedth century are particularly significant.

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