Wojciech Bąkowski – Piotr Bosacki

03 Feb - 06 Jun 2012

Wojciech Bąkowski, Exercises for True Friends, 2011, installation view at K21, photo: Achim Kukulies
Da Się Wytrzymać (It’s Bearable)

This duo of Polish artist, born respectively 1979 and 1977 in Poznan/Poland, where both still live, have collaborated in particular on literary and musical themes.

Bąkowski's art is rooted in spoken literature. To date, he has produced numerous works on paper, animated films, at times interactive sculptures and installations, as well as performances. He conceptualizes penetrating works of striking directness, floating worlds located somewhere between everyday observations and hallucinations.

With his point of departure in geometric and other systems of rules, Bosacki develops compositions, animated films, but also objects which present themselves as paradoxical constructions: exhibiting extreme rationality on the one hand, they seem trivial or even defective on the other.

Typically for their generation, both artists pursue a confrontation with a reality apparently devoid of plan or aim, while at the same time maintaining an existential commitment characterized by philosophical and poetic penetration.

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