Karsten Greve

Peter Schmersal

01 Sep - 28 Oct 2006


Exhibition from September 1 to October 28, 2006
Opening on Friday, September 1 from 5.00 pm - 8.30 pm
The artist will be present.

The paintings of Peter Schmersal lead us into the everyday world which, from his point of view, appears excitingly manifold. Familiar objects are placed into a new, often very astonishing light so that we are inspired to take a closer look at those details we often do not recognise at once. Irritating perspectives and detailed views almost invite us to review those objects which daily surround us.
Portraits, the human body, still lifes, landscapes and architecture are the central topics of Peter Schmersal’s oeuvre. However, these classical genres are not the crucial motivator for his lasting engagement with representational painting. It is the visual fascination for the object that continuously evokes his curiosity.
Peter Schmersal consciously selects objects which attract him because of their texture, their materiality, or their link that unites them to him. He paints directly in front of his motif so that the process of observation and realisation instantaneously coincide. This unsophisticated sensual experience leads to a very individual, expressive artistic language.
The more or less unconscious process of perception is always present in Peter Schmersal’s art. It may be the modelling of the oil colours, or the degree of abstraction that envisions the act of painting as some kind of expedition. It leads us from thick, almost relief-like layers of colour across wafer- thin coatings to regions where the underground shines through.
The upcoming exhibition in the Karsten Greve gallery once more shows the diversity which arises from this very authentic way of painting. From the 1st of September to the 28th of October a representative selection of new paintings will be on view. The size and colour of these works differ from previous paintings. The formats are larger and the colour palette has considerably increased in volume. Trough this, well known motifs such as the scythe and the chair are presented in new, unexpected variations.
Peter Schmersal was born in 1952 and lives in Wuppertal where he also maintains his studio. His works have been displayed in many national and international exhibitions. In 1990, Karsten Greve presented his paintings for the first time and since then has regularly organised solo exhibitions in his galleries in St. Moritz, Cologne, Paris and Milan. In 1990 and in 1999, the Karsten Greve gallery published a multilingual catalogue. Both publications are still available.

© Peter Schmersal
"Dorian Schlender / Horst Schuler"
Paintings, Oil on canvas
h: 200 x w: 120 cm / h: 78.7 x w: 47.2 in

Tags: P. Horst, Peter Schmersal