Kavi Gupta

Tony Tasset

01 May - 17 Jul 2010

© Tony Tasset
i-beam, 1996
painted aluminum
8.25 x 6.5 x 144 inches
Selected Works From 1986-1996

May 1 – Jul 17, 2010

Kavi Gupta is proud to present Tony Tasset : Selected works from 1986-1996, an exhibition of several sculptures from the artist's early career. Working with the then recent history of Minimalism, Tasset's sculptures address this formal apex of Modernism with the same grimace and subtle humor that come to characterize his work in the nineties and into today. For example, Display Sculpture (50%) (1991), a pale grey wedge on pedestal extends up into the above vitrine, bisecting the space and underlining the correspondence between the functional display and the museum. Located in an adjacent room, as an enhancement to exhibition, is another example. The Judd derivative Bench Stack (1987) - three wall-hung De Stijl styled leather cushions - slyly places the forms of Minimalism into the category of club accoutrements. Epitomic of the artist's wry approach, Tony Tasset : Selected works from 1986-1996 details a practice in aesthetic drag, one where the aging Minimalist pursuit of autonomy collides with the ironic conceptualism of the day.

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