Kiasma | Museum of Contemporary Art

Dreams Drawn In The Clouds

01 Nov 2008 - 01 Feb 2009

© Li Wei
On the Earth surface, 2004
176 x 181.8 cm.

01.11.2008 - 01.02.2009

Jiang Zhi, Tsang Kin-wah, Wang Gongxin and Li Wei - China; Yoko Ono, Hiraki Sawa, Chiharu Shiota, Kako Ueda and Yuken Teruya - Japan; and Do Ho Suh, June Bum Park and Ki-bong Rhee - Korea

-Berndt Arell
Museum Director

In recent years, Kiasma has put on several exhibitions on Asian contemporary art. The Asian society and as a result, its contemporary art are changing rapidly. This has made Asian artists more globally influential than ever before.
When I took on the job of Kiasma's director, my hope was that we would continue presenting Asian contemporary art from fresh perspectives shared by the Finnish and Asian cultures. The exhibition Drawn in the Clouds concentrates on one such perspective: our endeavour to rid ourselves of the shackles of the physical world, to discover new dimensions of being human and to float between dreams and dreaming.
During the planning and making of the exhibition, we had the privilege of meeting many of the artists included in Drawn in the Clouds. They experienced Kiasma in very personal ways. For some the museum's unique architecture was a challenge, while others drew inspiration from it. The exhibition shows how the artists can transform space. In fact, in the process we discovered new dimensions about the Kiasma building. Art transformed its minimalist stairway into a work of art with a message and dressed the grey autumn cityscape in the colours of the rainbow. This exhibition truly fulfils one of the principal missions of a contemporary art museum - to see and present the world in a new way - very tangibly.
The exhibition coincides with two anniversaries: Kiasma's 10th anniversary and the 85th anniversary of Finnair. I want to extend my warmest thanks to Finnair, which has made this unique and extensive display of Asian art possible

Tags: Wang Gongxin, Tsang Kin-Wah, Yoko Ono, June Bum Park, Hiraki Sawa, Chiharu Shiota, Do Ho Suh, Do-ho Suh, Yuken Teruya, Wu Tsang, Tsang Kin Wah, Jiang Zhi