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Grayson Perry

13 Apr - 02 Sep 2018

Grayson Perry, The Upper Class at Bay, 2012. Photo: Grayson Perry & Victoria Miro, London / Venice
13 April 2018 - 2 September 2018

The exhibition will take a retrospective look at the extensive output of English artist Grayson Perry, recipient of the 2003 Turner Prize. Known in Great Britain for his irreverent television shows and statements, Perry observes the world through touching stories, the reappraisal of gender roles and absurd humour.

In his work Grayson Perry tackles subjects that are universally human: identity, gender, social status, sexuality, religion. He tries to deal with them in a way that is accessible and yet not patronising. Perry is a great chronicler of contemporary life, drawing us in with wit, affecting sentiment and nostalgia as well as fear and anger.

Autobiographical references – to the artist’s childhood, his family and his transvestite alter ego Claire – can be read in tandem with questions about décor and decorum, class and taste, and the status of the artist versus that of the artisan. He works with traditional media such as ceramics, cast iron, bronze, printmaking and tapestry, and is interested in how each historic category of object accrues intellectual and emotional baggage over time.

The exhibition will be produced in collaboration with La Monnaie de Paris museum.

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