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It's a Set-up

26 Mar 2010 - 06 Feb 2011

It’s a Set-up. Photo: VTM/KKA, Pirje Mykkänen

26.3.2010 - 06.2.2011, 3. floor

In an exhibition, visitors are accustomed to watching, listening and observing art alone and with others. But what happens when the role of an observer becomes more active? What kind of an event is a set-up?

Just like contemporary art itself, the 11th collection exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma is open-mindedly crossing all kinds of borders. The leading role is given to the artist as well as to the viewer. It’s a Set-up is about the experiential and participatory aspect of art, and considers such themes as time and duration, the presentation and staging of artwork, performance and human relationships. The exhibition showcases various works and techniques from 41 artists. Some of the works encourage the viewer to use other senses than those of sight and hearing and attempt to enhance the viewer’s experience of the artwork.

"Jacob Dahlgren’s work The Wonderful World of Abstraction, for example, makes the viewer wonder if it is possible to get lost in an artwork. From a distance the viewer can only see the surface of the piece, but when up close, its details, silk ribbons, become apparent. The viewer is able to feel the work’s gentle touch and dive into the embrace of the work, become part of it," Chief Curator Pirkko Siitari describes. In addition to sight, artist Hilda Kozári uses the sense of smell as a mediator in her work AIR, Smell of Helsinki, Budapest and Paris.

Some of the artwork transform during the exhibition. There are works also outside Kiasma, for example, Story Café by Johanna Lecklin. During the first days of April, the artist will invite people to have a free cup of coffee with her and tell stories which she will then incorporate into her artwork.

The exhibition entails a wide variety of additional programmes, an exhibition catalogue and a booklet.

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