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Meeri Koutaniemi & Arman Alizad

After The Turmoil

07 Oct 2016 - 26 Feb 2017

After The Turmoil
7 October 2016 - 26 February 2017

“When she was nine, Elizabeth Nkere fled from her home to avoid circumcision and being forced to marry against her will. She sought refuge in a shelter for girls. In the intervening eleven years, Elizabeth has grown into a charismatic activist and an influential figure in the Maasai community in Narok, southwest Kenya.” – Meeri Koutaniemi

What happens to a person after a traumatic, life-changing experience? Can the wrong be forgiven?

After the Turmoil is an exhibition about survival. It is about people who have endured great suffering yet who refuse to play the role of the victim. Instead, they have become proactive change-makers in their community.

The photographs and installations by Meeri Koutaniemi displayed in three rooms on this floor portray violence targeted at women in India and Kenya and refugees in Thailand and other parts of the world. They spotlight individuals who have risen up and defied physical and structural violence and discrimination.

The exhibition is based on research conducted for a documentary series that aired on Finnish television in autumn 2016. The short films in the series were directed by Arman Alizad and Meeri Koutaniemi. The exhibition also includes When the Hate Vanishes, a short film about the 2011 massacre in Norway.

Meeri Koutaniemi (b. 1987) is a Finnish photographer, journalist and documentarist specializing in social issues and questions of identity. She has worked in around 50 countries and her photographs have been awarded in numerous international competitions.
Twitter: @meerikouta

Arman Alizad (b. 1971) is an Iranian-born Finnish producer. He is known for his participatory TV documentaries taking a critical look at social conditions around the world. Alizad’s award-winning TV series have aired in 135 countries.
Twitter: @armanalizad

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